Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We hope you enjoy visiting and browsing Homestyle Studio, and we would like to inform you of the terms and conditions that will apply while you are on the website (or “site”).


Any reference to “we” or “us” refers to this website (www.homestylestudio.co.uk), and its owner, Hilary Friend.

Any reference to “partners” refers to the companies and brands that supply us with products we sell on the site, and the images and other content we use on the site.

These terms and conditions are effective from November 1, 2018.


These terms and conditions, together with other information on the website (including the privacy policy and the delivery and returns information) form the entire agreement relating to supplying goods by us to you.

If any part of these terms and conditions is proved unenforceable, this will not make the rest of the terms and conditions unenforceable.

Acceptance of the terms and condition

By using the site, you (the site visitor) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use.

Before purchasing any products from this site, we will ask you to confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions. You are, of course, free to refuse to accept, at which stage the purchase process will be terminated.

Website usage

You agree to not use the site for:

  • Any illegal or fraudulent purpose
  • To violate the rights of others (such as by abuse, threats, libel)
  • Impede, obstruct or disrupt the normal operation of the site or the platforms on which it resides
  • Infect the site with any malware, or to install any software that might alter the operation of the site in any way
  • Reproduce the site in any way

We may at times provide on the site hyperlinks to third-party websites and resources we believe you might find useful. You agree that this does not mean we endorse them and are not responsible for them. Your use of these third-party resources is at your own risk.

Our rights

We at all times reserve the right to:

  • Change these terms and conditions. We will provide on this page the date on which we last revised them
  • Change or withdraw the website, either permanently or temporarily, in its entirety or any part of it, without having to provide you with notice
  • Restrict your access to the site or any part of it
  • Protect the Intellectual Property rights of content on the site, including all text, videos and images. Any copyright, trademark or other Intellectual Property rights relating to content on the site shall remain the property of us or our partners. You agree not to copy or in any way reproduce, publish or display, or in any way use any of the content on the site for commercial gain

Should we find any breach of Intellectual Property conditions, we will first issue you with a ‘cease and desist’ instruction. If you continue to violate these conditions, we will seek a more formal legal resolution to prevent further infringement, and claim damages and any legal costs.


We currently only sell to people resident in the United Kingdom.

All prices on the site are in British Pounds.

We aim to ensure that all prices shown on the site are valid, but we will check them before we process your order.

If the actual price is above the price displayed on the site, we will contact you to see if you want to proceed with the order, by paying the difference or cancel the order, in which case we will refund the money you paid.

If the actual price is less than the displayed price, we will refund the difference.

Prices shown on the site are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of delivery charges, where they apply.

More details are provided on the Delivery and Returns page on this site.

Cancelling the order

If you wish to cancel your order, please email us immediately at hilaryjane@homestylestudio.co.uk, or call us on 01304 806100. If we are able to, we will cancel the order.

However, if we have already processed the order with the supplier, the supplier might charge a fee for the cancellation, and we would deduct that from any refund we make to you.

If the order has been dispatched, returning the goods to us or the supplier might incur an additional delivery/collection charge, which we would also deduct from any refund we make to you.

To see the conditions under which you can return goods already delivered, please see our Delivery and Returns page on this site.

We reserve the right to cancel the order if there is insufficient stock to fulfil the order, if we are unable to deliver the goods to your area, any of the goods you ordered was listed at an incorrect price because of an error in entering the price on the site, or because of incorrect information from the suppliers.

If we cancel the order, we will email you to let you know and will refund the full amount.

We will not offer or pay any other compensation for cancelling the order.