Frequently Asked Questions


We will soon have on the website a price calculator and order facility for made-to-measure items. In the meantime, if you would like us to quote for made-to-measure curtains or Roman Blinds, please contact us at hilaryjane@homestylestudio.co.uk or via the contact us page, including the information set out below.

You can purchase made-to-measure Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds on the site. The measuring guide below will help you determine the correct size to order. When you order these blinds, you will be asked whether you are supplying the "recess size" - for when you are fitting the blind in the window recess - or "blind size" - when you are fitting the blind across the face of the window opening.


For curtains and Roman Blinds, we would need the following information:

  • Whether you want curtains or a Roman Blind
  • For curtains, whether you want a single curtain or a pair
  • For curtains, your choice of heading (eyelet, pinch pleat, wave etc). Remember that you will need a pole for eyelet curtains 
  • If you choose eyelet headings, please let us know the diameter of the pole
  • The pole/track width (cm) and drop (cm). Our measuring guides below will help you with this
  • Your choice of fabric (including product code)
  • Your choice of lining: we would by default quote for standard lining, but let us know if you want something else (e.g. thermal, blackout…)

How do I measure curtain WIDTH?

When measuring, use a metal tape measure rather than a cloth or plastic one, which may stretch.

You should measure the width of the track or pole the curtains will hang from, and not the window. 

Note: if you are installing a new pole or track, it should normally extend beyond the window reveal by at least 20cm either side, to allow for stacking the curtains when open, and ensure that the eye of the curtain ring is above the window opening.

When using curtain poles, measure between the finials (the ornamental ends) and not between the brackets so that you can extend the curtains beyond the brackets either end (you would typically have at least one curtain ring between the bracket and finial.

With curtain tracks, measure from end to end.

If you have a track that overlaps in the middle, measure the end-to-end length and add on the overlap. 

How do I measure curtain DROP?

You can choose to have the curtains drop to the floor or to the window sill.

If you have them drop to the floor, you can choose to have them:

  • Just sit above the floor (e.g. about 1cm above)
  • Sitting on the floor
  • Just breaking on the floor (about 2cm more than the floor drop)
  • Puddled (greater than 2cm more than the floor drop)

If you would prefer them to drop to sill level or below it, make sure you leave some clearance (about 2cm) above a radiator.

Measure the drop in at least three positions and use the shortest of the three measurements.

Where you measure the drop from will depend on whether you are using a pole or track.

If you are using a pole, it will also depend on the type of heading you are using.

How do I measure curtain drop if I want EYELETS?

Measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish, and we will add an amount to the top of the curtain

How do I measure curtain drop if I want PLEATED HEADINGS?

Pleated Headings - For pencil pleat, pinch pleat and goblet headings, measure from the bottom of the curtain ring.

How do I measure curtain drop if I'm using a CURTAIN TRACK?

When using a curtain track, measure the drop from the top of the track.


Fortunately, measuring for blinds is a lot easier than it is for curtains, and the measuring guide applies for Romans, Rollers, Venetians and Verticals.

You can choose to fit the blinds within the window recess (“recess size”) or on the face of the wall, covering the window recess (“blind size”).

When you ask for a quote for blinds, please let us know if you have measured the recess size or blind size.

We would recommend you fit the blind on the outside of the recess if one or more of these conditions hold:

  • The recess is less than 7.5cm (3") deep – you might not have enough room to fit the blind
  • There isn’t enough space to fit the blind without it touching any window catch when the blind is closed
  • The window opens inwards
  • The window isn’t straight – if the width or height varies by over 2cm.

How do I measure for RECESS SIZE?

Measure both the width and drop in 3 positions.

Remember to allow for anything that protrudes, such as tiles and dado or picture rails.

How do I measure IN FRONT OF THE RECESS?

To measure for blinds being fitted outside the recess, allow for the blind to extend beyond the recess by at least 5cm in each direction.

If you want the blind to extend below the window sill, remember to make sure that the sill doesn’t get in the way of the blind when it’s down.