Child Safety for Window Blinds

Child Safety



Any blinds that use cords/chains will be delivered with child-safety devices, such as breakaway clips that will come apart under pressure but can be easily re-attached.

You should always fit these safety devices, and the blinds will come complete with installation instructions.

The safety device must be fitted to the wall or window frame, with the cleat at least 1.5 metres above the floor, to ensure the cord/chain does not drop low enough to be a hazard to children.

The use of these child-safety devices is compulsory under European regulations.

Other Child Safety Tips

We recommend that you also consider a number of other child-safety measures relevant to window blinds:

  • Do not place any furniture close enough to the blinds that might allow children to climb on the window sills
  • Do not attempt to prevent the child-safety device from working by, for example, taping over the breakaway mechanism